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        Mavis Smith's paintings have a subtle undercurrent of disruption hovering just below their serene surfaces.  Her imagery has a surreal edge, hinting at scenarios that may, or may not, hold darker subtexts.  She often paints with egg tempera, a medium that is exquisitely suited for creating  intricate detail and luminous layers of color.


        Recently, she has added a series of large works in oil and graphite depicting twisted roots and branches that seem to pull away from the canvas and envelop the viewer.  Very different in scale and subject matter to her egg tempera work, the Thicket series still generates a sense of nature's mysteries kept barely at bay.


Born:          1956, USA




1974 - 77    PRATT INSTITUTE, New York, NY

2002            SEATTLE ACADEMY OF FINE ART, Seattle, WA


Solo Exhibitions

                     Bethlehem, PA

2014            MONMOUTH UNIVERSITY, W. Long Branch, NJ

2012            MICHENER ART MUSEUM, Doylestown,PA

2010            WALTER RANDEL GALLERY, New York, NY

2003            GALLERY OF FINE ART, Newtown, PA

1992            CITICORP CENTER, Princeton, NJ

1991            ANN REID GALLERY, Princeton, NJ

1983            KERR GALLERY, New York, NY

1977            GALLERY D'EENDT, Amsterdam, Holland

1977            BASEL INT'L ART FAIR, Basel, Switzerland


Selected Group Shows


2013            PHILLIPS MILL EXHIBITION, New Hope, PA

2010            NOYES MUSEUM OF ART, Oceanville, NJ

2009            MICHENER ART MUSEUM, Doylestown, PA

2009            WALTER RANDEL GALLERY, New York, NY

2009            SALMAGUNDI CLUB, New York, NY

2008            WALTER RANDEL GALLERY, New York, NY

2008            TURNER CARROLL GALLERY, Santa Fe, NM

2007            BUCKS GALLERY OF FINE ART, Newtown, PA

2005            MICHENER ART MUSEUM, New Hope, PA

2003            PHILADELPHIA SKETCH CLUB, Philadelphia, PA

2002            BRISTOL MYERS SQUIBB, Lawrenceville, PA

2000            ALLENTOWN ART MUSEUM, Allentown, PA

1988            BASEL INT'L ART FAIR, Basel, Switzerland

1982            ALAN STONE GALLERY, New York, NY

1980            NEW YORK ART EXPO, New York, NY








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